Hi! I’m Mel. Thanks for stopping by.

This is a collection of my writing, both past and present. Otherwise entitled: an exercise in ignoring the filter between my brain and my mouth/fingertips.

I write about my life, about rugby league and my experience of it through my husband, Ryan, and about my travels (which take place mostly to escape rugby league).

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, but I’ve called Wigan, UK and Auckland, NZ home too.

I’ve previously been published on http://www.melbournestorm.com.au and http://www.rendezview.com.au, all of which have been consolidated here, for your reading pleasure.

I have two rugrats (not regrets, as my computer attempted to autocorrect – not a Freudian slip, I swear), and a Miniature Australian Bulldog, who was called Cosby, but who we recently renamed Cossie, because…. you know.