Long time, no post

Alright, alright already! Please! Adoring fans! Stop pestering me for my next post! Or at least, I assume you’re all sitting patiently by my website, waiting for the next thrilling instalment. All three of you.

But seriously, I realise my last post was ages ago. As in, it was about travel, kind of ages ago. So yeesh, it’s definitely been a while.

The thing is, I’ve been busy – writing other stuff. A book, to be specific. It’s called Full Credit to the Boys: A Cliche Free Tale of Marrying into Footy. It’s a memoir and I’m very proud to share it with you in the coming months. It documents the 16-years I spent supporting Hoff in his rugby league career, and all the highs, lows and existential crises that came with it.

So I apologise for being a bit absent, and humbly ask that you forgive me. If you choose to read the book, I hope that you’ll find the hiatus was worth it.

If you would like to read it, you can pre-order it here: http://bit.ly/36JD4yf

And in the meantime, please enjoy this image of a piece of feedback I graciously gave myself during an earlier draft of the manuscript (which I really feel I’ve rectified, don’t worry).

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