In three weeks from today, Hoff and I are going on a Footymoon.

A Footymoon is like a honeymoon, but it’s what you get to do when your husband finally retires from playing professional rugby league after 16 long seasons.

And like our actual honeymoon, it is taking place without the presence of our (albeit delightful) children. More on that later.

I am beyond excited for Hoff’s retirement. His playing career has been a journey of incredible highs and devastating lows, the former well outnumbering the latter, thank goodness.

At best, footy has given us lifelong friends, a source of immense pride and the chance to experience some incredible achievements up close and personal.

At worst, it has infiltrated and controlled our lives in a way that I’ve always found difficult to describe, suffice to say it can be a bit like that picture that the haunted kid draws in Stranger Things:

Stranger things for FOOTYMOON
© Haunted kid from Stranger Things, Netflix, 2016.

So, as a celebration of Ryan’s stellar career, and a reward for surviving the scary-monster-tree-like bits with our sanity and marriage intact, we’re off to the US for two weeks.

It’s a jam-packed itinerary: St Louis – Chicago – Green Bay – Memphis – Nashville – Louisville. It’s so full in part because we couldn’t decide which parts of the US we wanted to see this time. It’s also a little bit because we want to keep busy to assuage any guilt we might feel about leaving our children behind.

We’re leaving them with Hoff’s parents who henceforth shall be known as Grandmother Teresa and Saint Grandfy (the patron saint of parental sanity) and they’ll be absolutely fine. Hoff and I have been hashtag blessed with two incredibly resilient children who have never hugged a leg in tearful farewells in their lives. In fact, if any tears are shed or legs are hugged at the airport it’ll probably be me.

Probably not though, to be fair. I’m pretty bloody excited for this trip.

As has been the case with our previous travels, the schedule is a beautiful balance of both our favourite things: music, sport, theatre, comedy, food, drink and finding clichéd American situations and inserting ourselves in them whilst surreptitiously taking photos to post on Instagram.

So please feel free to follow along on our travels. We’re really excited to share them with you. Plus it’s been five and a half years since Hoff and I have had to be alone together for this long so please like, comment and involve yourselves. Just in case we run out of things to talk about.

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