Waking up the morning after a grand final win (if, in fact, you got to bed at all) is THE BEST.

It goes something like this: eyes open…where am I?…hotel in Sydney…why?… grand final…we won….JOY.

And then it’s time to jump out of bed, race down the hotel hallway in your pyjamas, ‘borrow’ the first newspaper you see, and marvel at the front page confirmations of what we knew all along – our boys are pretty darn great.

But although it really was a wonderfully exciting and proud time, I have to admit, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Life goes on and even premiers (and partners of premiers) have to deal with a raft of new issues in the aftermath, for example:

  • Running out of battery on your phone trying to reply to the many congratulatory text messages and phone calls received from fabulous friends and family
  • Being side-tracked by strangers in the street wanting to thank your husband for the win they had for first try-scorer (and wondering whether we should be offended that people always looks so incredulous when they recount their story… Was it that unlikely?!)
  • Going to the Player of the Year awards with your husband who is wearing not one, but three premiership rings, and subsequently looking like an old-school boxing promoter, without the floor-length fur coat and fedora (thankfully)
  • Sustaining some kind of repetitive strain injury from cutting and pasting an inordinate amount of effusively complimentary newspaper articles into my latest scrapbook
  • Cancelling our long-awaited overseas holiday because someone who shall remain nameless had to go and make it into the Aussie team

I mean, really. #PremiershipWinningProblems…

Still, a whole bunch of stuff has happened since that glorious day in September, perhaps the most significant of which is the commencement of season 2013, and so it is here that the reminiscing stops. The grand final win was truly wonderful, but that was last season and it counts for virtually nothing in season 2013.

In the last couple of months we have waved goodbye to a host of excellent people who were instrumental in our premiership win last season, and we have welcomed a host of equally excellent people who we hope will be instrumental in our defence of that title next year.

As I write, the boys are currently undertaking their preseason – pushing their bodies to the very limit in order to set themselves up for the season ahead. They are doing everything humanly possible to put themselves in the best possible position to do it all over again next year.

The one thing that they’re not doing, however, is looking back. And if they are, it’s only to check that no one is sneaking up too closely behind them.

Merry Christmas everyone, and here’s to season 2013.

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